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    Our team

    None of us is as smart as all of us
    We are so much more than a group of people who work together. We are a tight-knit team. We help, motivate and encourage each other, and raise a toast to the success of a project. An enthusiastic, slightly mad group of people, but perhaps that is why you can also expect the most innovative insights ...
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    Recruitment solutions

    Save time and money with good recruitment tools.
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    About us

    Award-winning recruitmenttech agency
    At HRlinkIT, we believe that technology can make the recruitment process a lot more efficient. In addition to facilitating the quest for talent, it also makes for a more qualitative process. ...
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    Case IPG

    Hiring Managers Portal IPG
    Vacancy requests, emails and phone calls that arrive in an unstructured way: it was a daily problem for IPG HR. The largest call center in Belgium with about 1,500 new vacancies every year, sought structure in communication with its various hiring managers. HRlinkIT developed a Hiring Managers Porta...
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    Analysis and digital strategy

    Analysis and digital strategy
    We get your company moving. We help you optimize process steps, digitize your business and automate workflows. We always start from the business challenge.   How can technology provide support for your recruitment process? We look at the trends and opportunities in the market. We translate all ...
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    How we make every project succeed
    Our approach ...
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    Our culture

    Feel at home on the job.
    The cosy and friendly ambience is thrown in for free from day one. As a team, we are always ready to help each other on a project, but also to raise a toast to a success story. ...
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    Recruitment technology

    Recruitment software and custom-built tools
    We select, design, implement and integrate recruitment solutions. If it doesn’t exist yet, we’ll build it. From Applicant Tracking and CRM systems to a complete digital transformation of your recruitment process.   We ensure that our smart solutions are seamlessly tailored to your recruitme...
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    AZ Sint-Jan

    A higher candidate experience and a faster recruitment process
    AZ Sint-Jan guarantees its personal approach and professional development, also among its applicants. The candidate journey and the recruitment process therefore had to be made more efficient and better. They also wanted to get rid of the many Excel files and separate lists. Goal: increase candidate...
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    Case Agilitas

    The digital transformation of HR service provider Agilitas
    Agilitas is a fixed value in the recruitment landscape. However, at some point they noticed that there was no further growth. The cause? Their recruitment processes had not evolved and were inefficient. That is why Agilitas engaged HRlinkIT and in just six months the company made a decisive digital ...
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    More than 100 customers in Europe