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  • Privacy Statement

    Version: 1.0 Date: May 22, 2018

    1. HRlinkIT and your privacy

    HRlinkiT values ​​your privacy very highly. As a Belgian software company, we are well placed to provide maximum protection and safeguard your privacy. We ensure that we only process the relevant data for the specific target process. In this way we avoid useless transactions and storage of your personal data. This privacy statement explains which personal data HRlinkIT collects from you through our interaction. We also explain in detail how we use and store that data. We try to describe this process in a simple and understandable way. If you have further questions do not hesitate to send an email to privacy@hrlinkit.be

    2. Which personal data is collected?

    2.1 Website

    The following personal data can be shared with us via the website:
    • Name
    • First Name
    • Email address
    • Company
    • Phone number
    These personal data are requested in the context of:
    • Register for a webinar.
    • Downloading a whitepaper or other content.
    • Fill in the contact form.
    • Register for an event or training.

    2.2 Apply by email

    You can view open vacancies on our website. You can apply for this by email or by letter. The applications that HRlinkIT receives (via email or post) are reviewed and evaluated by our HR service. If you are interested, you will be contacted for an interview. If there is no interest, your CV will be removed immediately. If you have an interesting CV, but there is no open vacancy for you at that time, we will ask you by email if we can keep your CV for 1 year. If you answer negatively or not, your CV will be removed.

    2.3 Campaigns

    Campaigns are targeted marketing campaigns that are limited in time. A campaign lasts up to three months. A target group is defined at the start of a campaign. This target group will receive an email from us with the invitation to surf to the campaign page on our website. This is done via the following services: Reply.io, Autopilot or Mailchimp. If interested, the person can register to receive more information. At that time we ask for the following personal data:
    • Name
    • First Name
    • Company
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • We will also ask for your permission as described in point 3.
    At the end of the campaign, all personal data will be removed from Reply.io, Autopilot and Mailchimp So this data will be deleted within a maximum of three months. If you have registered on the campaign page of our website, your data will end up in our CRM system. We use LinkedIn and / or our CRM system to define and contact target groups. At LinkedIn, we use LinkedIn's Premium Services to search for contacts. If you do not want this, you can unsubscribe from this service on LinkedIn.

    2.4 CRM system

    HRlinkIT has a CRM system which is our central system for managing contact details of customers and prospects. This information comes from the website, but can also come from other sources such as direct contact (example business card). The CRM system contains the following information: Personal data:
    • Title
    • Greeting
    • First Name
    • Second name
    • Name
    • Suffix
    • Email
    • Function
    • Mobile
    • Department
    • Role in business and opposite HRlinkIT
    • Level
    Company details:
    • Company Address
    • Company
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Street and number
    • City
    • Province
    • Postal Code
    • Country

    2.5 Google Analytics

    Our site also uses Google Analytics. We do this to gain a better understanding of how the website is used. This way we can improve our website. Google Analytics collects data such as:
    • Your IP address
    • Your Google session ID
    • Which pages you visit on the site
    • How did you get to the site
    • Your IP address is anonymized by replacing the last 3 digits of your IP address with zeros.

    2.6 Logs files

    The web server logs all requests into a log file. This file contains, among other things, your IP address and the pages you have visited. These logs are only used in case of technical or safety problems. Log files are kept for three months.

    3. Consent

    For all personal data that you enter via the website, we will ask your permission to process it. When entering your personal data, you will also be asked for permission to process your data. Your personal data will only be processed after you have given permission for this. You can withdraw your consent at any time. See point 4 in this privacy statement for an explanation of how you can do this. We also ask your permission to keep you informed of new whitepapers, events and general news about HRlinkIT's products and services. Here too you can withdraw your consent at any time. See point 4 in this privacy statement for an explanation of h